Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Dear Hacker Just want to say "అన్నయ్యా థాంక్స్"

Sri GurubhyonamaH
Last night some one from USA tried to break password o my Google account, the hacker tried to his very best but could not hack it. With the help of Google I could locate the place , and the company and the mobile instrument used for hacking my account. I can further try and get the mobile number, and person details nail the hacker but, I am not interested in it. All I would like to mention is just "Thanks Bro!" to the hacker, by trying this he proved that my security credentials are strong enough to protect my accounts and what I learned in Security and Risk assessments (ISO/BSI Audits) is of use in my personal life as well.


  1. Its great........congrtulations .
    mee samaya sphoorthi ki samyamananiki abhinandanalu.

    kaamaakshi thalli karuna ila kaapaaduthuune vuntundi. Sandeham ledu.